Produced on Stewart & Stevensonís Houston manufacturing flow line, Rail King is engineered to provide the Best Value in the industry. Available in five reliable, efficient and cost-effective models, Rail King provides maximum tractive effort up to 33,000 pounds for single-coupled versions, and up to 49,000 pounds for double-coupled versions.

Rail King features side-mount or full-width cabs with dual direction controls, both road wheels and rail wheels for quick, easy mobility on tracks and roadways, the patented cushion coupler system, and an enclosed, insulated cab with 360-degree visibility for operator safety and efficiency. G5 models feature a three-point Royalglide suspension system.

You can count on Rail King as an industry leader in mobile railcar moving. Rail King rail car movers and has a big selection of used and reconditioned Rail King railcar movers and other railcar movers for sale and lease. Rail King's experience spans decades of moving rail cars. Rail King has thousands of railcar movers in service worldwide. Rail King is among the top suppliers of rail car movers in the world. For moving railcars, freight cars, locomotives or passenger rail cars Rail King is an excellent choice of railcar movers for sale.

Used Rail King rail car movers make up a large portion of the many units in service right now and also has reconditioned railcar movers for sale that are as good as new. These used Rail King mobile railcar movers for sale are light enough for road movement and heavy enough to start and stop railcars. Pre owned Rail King come in all sizes for many applications. When purchasing a used Rail King you'll notice that there are many different sizes and designs of Rail King railcar movers for sale. has a large selection of used and reconditioned Rail King railcar movers for sale. The following list of Rail King rail car movers will help with your search for a railcar mover when you visit buys and resells used Rail King and has all brands of railcar movers for sale in stock. If there is a specific model of Rail King you are looking for, ask us and we'll try to find the new or reconditioned Rail King you are looking for.

  • Rail King SS4150
  • Rail King SS4250
  • Rail King SS4400
  • Rail King SS4450
  • Rail King SS4600
  • Rail King SS4650
  • Rail King SS4850


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